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How Can Google Talk Help Your Business?

8:04 PM Posted by Slamy

Google Talk isn’t just a supplement to phones and e-mail. It’s also a way to save money. Like most of the other Google services described in this book, it’s free. You can install it on each of your employees’ computers and get them typing messages to one another quickly and without incurring any expense at all. And if you run up costly long-distance phone bills with international calling, you can opt to exchange chat messages with Google Talk instead. Since you’re using the Internet to communicate, you don’t pay anything more than you already do for Internet access. And you ‘‘converse’’ almost as fast as you would on the phone.

Not only that, but Google Talk can be used for an increasingly popular technology called Voice over IP, also known as Internet phone service. Programs like Skype and Vonage let you use your computer as a telephone; with a microphone and (optionally) a headset, you can literally speak (yes, I mean really speak with your actual voice, the old-fashioned way!) over your computer using Google Talk. Why use your
computer as a phone when you already have lots of phones at hand? The answer is in your pocketbook. Programs like Google Talk enable you to talk to someone across the country or across the globe without spending a dime.


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