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Another AdSense Tips

7:02 AM Posted by Slamy

Google AdSense program is a great way to earn income from your site which does not require you to put any extra effort to sell any product or service. Anyone would be able to increase profit from a website, if he/she knew how to utilize AdSense program profitably. A few tips are given here for so that you could increase click through rates and revenue earned from your site.

The most important tip would be to create a site which is of good quality. Advertisers would like to select those sites for placement of their ads which is of high quality. These sites would attract higher paying advertisers for placement of their advertisement.

This will help you to earn more per click. You should try to make your site interesting and providing up to date information. This would attract return visitors also which will farther add to your earnings.

You should place your advertisements near the top of your page. Therefore, a visitor to your page would not have to scroll down the page to view the advertisement. But, you should not place them at the very top of the page as people generally do not pay much attention to that area.

If your site contains a large article of more than 500 words in size, you may consider embedding your advertisement inside the content of the article by using tables. This will wrap the content around the advertisement. This will improve the visibility of your ad as it would be likely that more people would be clicking the advertisement.

To make your advertisement look more attractive and to stand out within the content of the site, try to make it more colorful and the colors used suit match the colors used for the main links of the site.

If the page you are displaying has lots of content, you could consider placing more than one ad. AdSense program allows you to place three ads and two link units per page. But, you should take care that the content of the site should not look squeezed too much because of placement of multiple advertisements.

Another good tip would remove the borders around these ads. That would help these ads to get properly blended with the content of the site.

Google AdSense accounts are provided with tracking facility. You should utilize this facility to find out how the ads placed on your site are working. You could make some experimentation to improve the result and get more clicks.

It is hoped that by acting on these tips you would be able to earn more revenue from your site with the help of AdSense program.


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