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The Importance Of Keywords In Seo

5:36 PM Posted by Slamy

The root element of any search engine optimization process is keywords.
Because of this, it becomes necessary to take it as the first and most
important step for optimization. Since all search queries are based on
the keywords entered in the search engine, you must carefully select
the most relevant keywords for your website.

If the optimization is to make your site visible in the top search
rankings then the right keywords are what around which the entire
SEO-process revolve. A bad selection of keywords may ruin your entire
optimization work as whatever you will do after it will be based on
those keywords. So you must be careful at this first and far most
important step.

The following points can be useful for finding suitable keywords for any website:

1. Analyze your content: Analyze your whole site and make sure not to
leave even a single corner of the site's content or images. Try to
extract all the important keywords from it. Prepare an excel sheet and
make as many different phrases as possible from the extracted words.
Eliminate all the phrases which do not have the words used on the web
site. Repeat this process to get the most relevant and suitable

2. Industry knowledge: To be able to choose relevant keywords for a
website belonging to a specific industry you should have knowledge of
that particular industry. If you do not have that knowledge you can get
it by visiting some of the other sites in that industry.

3. Analyzing the competition. Check which keywords your competitors has
used to target their websites. By analyzing your competitors websites
before you finalize your own you can get an idea of which list of
keywords you should use on yours.

4. Keyword generation tools: There are a couple of tools on the web
which can help you get the keywords you require. The Adwords keyword
tool for example, is one place you can get relevant keywords by just
entering one single keyword or your website URL.

5. Keyword popularity: The more popular a keywords is, the more
difficult it will be to get a good ranking for that keyword. This is
especially true for new sites, so in the beginning it can be a good
idea to not target the most competitive keywords. After a couple of
months when the site has gained enough backlinks you can start
optimizing for more popular keywords.


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