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e-commerce - the basic

6:43 AM Posted by Slamy

Electronic commerce or e-commerce means buying products or services via the Internet. One way to do that is by using a credit card and the manner in which this process is shown in the diagram below.
Consumers visiting the online shop to purchase your merchandise. The transaction data via a secure connection, or SSL, the web host server.
The encrypted credit card data are handled by the Payment Processing Gateway, which is responsible for the transaction.
The movement of funds is handled by the merchant account.
The funds are then charged to the credit card buyers.
Followed by the funds being deposited in the seller bank.
Managing E-commerce
There are several ways to manage e-commerce transactions on your website. Perhaps the simplest method by which third party such as Paypal, to handle all your e-commerce process or any other method is by including all your website pages.
For all through your website, your site will be designed for your merchandise.
You can use the shopping cart system.
Alternatively you can use one of your own system with a customized website and a database.
If you accept credit card transactions through your website, it is important you Secure Socket Layer, or SSL, encryption in place. This ensures all transaction data is encrypted as they travel between the buyers and the PC server. When using an SSL secure system, a small padlock symbol is shown on your web browser at the bottom right of the screen.
There are two ways to integrate SSL into your website.
You can set the SSL field to the hosts.
You can create your own SSL certificate. This costs about $ 100 per year and requires a Hosingen account and a unique IP address. This method is certainly more professional than using third party such as Paypal.
If you decide to handle e-commerce transactions through your website, instead of third party to manage them, you should also set up a Merchant Account and a processor account.

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