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Sophos concludes fiscal year 2008/2009, with 27 percent revenue growth

10:36 PM Posted by Slamy

Sophos, a leading provider of IT solutions for Security and Data Protection ', was completed in fiscal year 2008/2009, at 31 March 2009 ended, its strong growth to continue: The revenue from product licenses and services increased over the previous year by 27 percent to 270.9 million U.S. Dollar. In fiscal year 2007/2008 were those at 213.9 million U.S. Dollar. Sophos simultaneously achieved in fiscal year 2008/2009 had a turnover of 215.2 million U.S. Dollar and thereby also an increase of 27 percent over the previous year. The Unlevered free cash flow in fiscal year 2008/2009 amounted to a total of 39.8 million U.S. Dollar.
Steve Munford, CEO at Sophos: 'Despite the difficult economic situation in the last fiscal year, Sophos's revenue and sales by 27 percent. This growth reflects the increasing customer demand for integrated and easy to manage IT security solutions again, as it offers Sophos. The takeover of Utimaco was an important milestone in the past fiscal year and for Sophos in the rapidly growing market for Data Protection further impetus. "
In the past fiscal year, Sophos at 21 Time in a row, its sales increase. Contributed to the positive development especially the expansion of its product portfolio and the expansion of the company and the expansion of business activities in the North American market. Sophos has in the past fiscal year a total of 19,000 new customers win, 3,800 of them in North America. More than half of all new customers switched from competitors Symantec and McAfee to Sophos. Recent studies have revealed that almost one third of all new customers of Sophos with the support of its former suppliers were unhappy, and this is a crucial criterion for this was to work for Sophos to decide.

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