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Article Submission For maximun Results

6:26 PM Posted by Slamy

Submitting articles to the search engines is a time honored strategy for generating traffic. It has been used since the first days of the Web and remains a good traffic generation strategy even in our Web 2.0 times.
There are a ton of queries over the best methodology of submitting articles for max traffic and effectiveness. What are the perfect techniques and which are the most effective?
The first technique is to submit your article to the granddaddy of all article directories, EzineArticles. This site has built a reputation of being the best article directory in town. It's loved by marketers and by readers and most importantly, by Google.
It is a supply of frustration to several marketers who find it troublesome to meet the submission guidelines or address the timescales for articles to be approved.
However, if you scan their guidelines and stick to them, your articles will get through without a hitch.
Once they are in Ezinearticles you instantly receive advantages from it. Articles in this directory tend to rank very well in Google, even without backlinks to them.
Add in a few backlinks and suddenly you find your articles are ranking in the top 10 for moderately competitive keywords. In fact, even without backlinks they can often rank well simply because they are already on Ezinearticles.
Once your article has been published you need to carry out some simple backlinking to it simply to give it that further boost in the search engines.
Firstly, take your Ezinearticle author RSS feed and submit it to RSS directories. You can either use a tool or do it by hand. If you are doing it by hand, simply pick the top ten directories in a Google search and that can be good enough for now. You can always submit to more later on, so make sure you retain track of which ones you have added your feed to.
You can also use 1 of the various ping sites to ping your article. This will give Ezinearticles a lift, but it also gets your article noticed.
Finally, social bookmark your article. Once more, you can either use a tool or do it manually. If your article is newsworthy and well written then you can look at adding it to sites like Digg or Stumbleupon to get further links and traffic.
In fact, there are other article directories out there, but none of them carry the weight of Ezinearticles. Google Knoll is a current contender and is very favored with marketers who are using it to submit their articles too. So far though, these don't seem to be ranking as well as Ezinearticles, but it looks a good method to get the Big G to note your sites.
For the other article directories it is simply not worth submitting articles manually to them, except perhaps the top half a dozen big directories. Several of the rest get so little traffic it is just not worthwhile, aside from the backlink. Therefore you can either outsource or automate these submissions to free up your time to focus on building your business.
If you're submitting articles then you need to make certain they are already on Ezinearticles for optimum traffic. Do some simple backlinking to your article and you will easily find your articles ranking well for their keywords and bringing you good traffic.


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