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6:27 PM Posted by Slamy

Many people are stumbling on the proper ways to increase their website rank using SEO (search engine optimization). Basically, SEO is simply building up your website both online and offline so that it is recognized by search engines as being the most relevant to users searches. When this happens, your site increases it's position in search results and more visitors find your website. This gets you free "organic" traffic without the need to pay for placement.
When a user types in a specific keyword or phrase, the search engine's job is to find the most relevant information for that user. There are a lot of variables here and one can never really figure out exactly what search engines look for because they are always changing and most of their expectations are kept confidential. This is simply to cut back on the spammers who inflate their rankings simply to make a quick buck.
Some things you should consider when using SEO to increase your website rank is what keywords you are using and if you are including them in your titles and URLs as well as the content of your pages. Are you using images and are you including keywords in their tags as well? Are you utilizing anchor text in your content? Are you filling out your meta tags with relevant information and keywords? What kind of external links point to your site and how relevant are they to your content? How about the internal links? Also, and most importantly, what kind of content are you putting out there? Are you simply whipping up words and keywords or are you providing quality content that is useful and informative to your readers.
These are only a few things that search engines use to determine the relevance of websites to user's search queries. There are many others. Basically, if your goal is to provided content, products and services that will help people and you build your websites with that in mind, you should be fine. However, you still need to keep keywords, titles and building links back to your site in mind. The more popular people find your website, the higher up you will climb in the search engines.
These are not the only ways to attract viewers to your website though. Inbound links built by owners of other websites who link to yours work well too, as long as the information contained in both sites is related one way or another. You may decide to write informative articles about your business and when submitted to article directories with a link to your site in the resource box this will also encourage people to take a look. Posting on forums and commenting on blogs with links back to your site in the signature box works wonders too. In fact, it only takes a bit of creative thought and a spot of hard work and in no time at all your efforts at search engine optimization will be paying you back in great dividends.


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